Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Arque Capital, Ltd., is a boutique investment bank, broker-dealer and registered investment advisor offering investment brokerage and wealth management services to both institutional and private clients.  

Arque Capital’s Institutional Services Division offers: (1) investment banking services, which include corporate advisory work and managing broker-dealer services, (2) compliance and broker-dealer services for investment bankers at non-registered M&A shops, and (3) fixed income services for proprietary use by its Private Client Division.  
Through its Private Client Division, Arque Capital offers Financial Advisors (1) a supportive and stable operating environment, (2) a versatile trading platform with access to both domestic and global markets, (3) a diversified alternative investment product platform, (4) a clean compliance and administration infrastructure, and (5) a growing quality corporate brand.  All of these integrated qualities allow our Financial Advisors to focus properly on growing their successful independent practices.  
Investment Banking, Wealth Management & Private Client Services
Providers of Specialty & Customized Global Financial Solutions

Private Client

Arque Capital’s Private Client Services Group (PCSG) offers professional services...


Arque Capital provides advisory, investment banking, and compliance services...